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Work Packages

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The main topics of the project are categorized into 6 different Work Packages:

1 - Network of hospitals in LMICs for future high-quality intervention trials

Leading PI: Dr. Tochi Okwor (Nigerian Centre for Disease Control)

  • Develop a network of hospitals in LMICs with the capability and willingness to participate in trials of interventions to reduce the burden of AMR
  • Integrate existing collaboratons in Africa or Asia, for example ORANGE Networ in Nigeria
  • Develop costed trial protocols for evaluating key interventions 

2 - Systematic Review of infection/AMR control interventions on transferability to global South

Leading PI: Dr. Friederike Maechler (Charité - Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine)

  • Systematic literature research of existing interventions of infection prevention in high income countries as well as LMICs
  • Develop a prioritised list of interventions
  • Assess likely feasibility, acceptability, potential impact, sustainability, affordability in different LMIC settings

3 - Analysis of trial designs for high quality intervention trials in the global South

Leading PI: Prof. Ben Cooper (University of Oxford, Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health)

  • Review and evaluate simulations in different study designs for interventions in infection prevention
  • Aim at prevention of transmission, reducing morbidity and mortality
  • inlcude pragmatic trials, mixed method approaches

4 - Analysis of Infection Control infrastructure in participating LMICs

Leading PI: Dr. Tochi Okwor (Nigerian Centre for Disease Control)

  • Evaluate Infection prevention measures currently used in collaborating hospitals
  • Use of standardises methodology, the WHO- IPC framework tool (WHO-IPCAF)
  • Evealuate feasibility of conducting trials in hospitals without microbiology department

5 - Evaluation of challenges to implementation of IPC intervention measures in global South

Leading PI: Prof. Joachim Trebbe (Freie Universität Berlin, Institute for Media and Communication Studies, Department of Political and Social Sciences)

  • Evaluate barriers and challenges to implementation of conventional and novel IPC interventions concerning heatlh care workers as well as patients
  • Consider cultural differences and intercultural communication
  • Develop evidence for interventions likely to improve adherence/support of patients and the public

6 - Data architechture and management platform for HAI, outbreak detection and response and AMR analysis and alerts

Leading PI: Dr. Friederike Maechler (Charité - University Medicine Berlin, Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine)

  • Collect data on the existing data architecture for microbiological laboratory data, patient movement data and risk factors for Antimicrobial Resistance/ Hospital Aquired Infections
  • Develop a plan for standardised collection of routine data
  • Evaluate possibilities for implementing automated alerts for outbreak situations